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We are NEURON PERU, the alliance of public and private organizations focused on a goal: Changing current learning paradigms. A change to benefit everyone, to learn practical, relevant, and innovative tools derived from emerging advances in neuroscience, which are called APPLIED NEUROSCIENCES.

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"We are privileged. We have the opportunity of following in real time the amazing advances in human biology that are already transforming medicine and will make our lives longer and allow us to understand how our body in an intimacy never before dreamed.
we are in the midst of an unprecedented revolution. And yet, do not follow their progress with the passion you would expect. This turning point is the transition from science to technology, from knowledge to action, intellectual revolution, tacit transformation of the world. the coming years will frant.
the information age has also come to human biology. Without going any further, an unusual proportion of those who are reading these lines exceed comfortably and with good health hundred years old. Do not miss the revolution that will make it possible "_Pere Estupinyá, Science journalist.

Neuron Projects

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  • "The proposal to evaluate our management teams with applied neuroscience was bold, innovative and effective. Thanks BrainMetrixs"Gustavo Castro, Manager.

    EDITORIAL CENTAURO. vía email.
  • "To provide new tools and scientific basis for assessing job skills, is the next step in vocational training" Moises Obeso, Coordinator.

    USIL UNIVERSITY. vía twitter.
  •  "Finding and disseminating the potential of neuroscience applied to the whole society, and especially the Peruvian woman is our goal. Thanks NEURON PERU" Pilar Silveyra, Presidenta.

    ONG "MUJER PERUANA". Vía facebook
  •  "Assessing competencies as Leadership, and to build high performance teams, identifying their brain maps; is a fundamental strategic decision. Brain size proposed BrainMetrixs are basic and essential in our daily work.
    Thanks BrainMetrixs! "Alvaro Zúñiga, CEO & FOUNDER.

    PROLIFE Inc. Vía Linkedin
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